Miracles Abound

May God’s light shine upon you.  May it glow from your heart.  May angels surround you and may negatives flee from your presence

Hope that this day, as everyday, you take time to remember those who are sick. Whether they are heart sick or physically sick it does not matter.  Take a minute to remember them and to send them healing love.  Ask God to surround them with angels and let them know you are thinking of them and holding up divine health as a vision for them.

Things are moving quickly up here on the mountain top.  I thank all of you who have emailed me good wishes and let me know you are holding my vision with me.  Ask and ye shall receive, but it must be done with the right heart.  A heart of love.  When I said to God, just last Tuesday, that I had had enough and needed to go now, there was no more, sometime, somehow, maybe soon – it was now and I never meant anything so much in my life.  For my mother to say ok was absolutely nothing short of a miracle.

May your smile lead you through this day.  May your heart sing.  May you recognize the miracles that surround you.  And I hope that you are as happy as I am and that you feel as blessed as I know I am.  Thank you Father.  You are my goal my Father, only you.  You are my goal my Father, only you.  You lead and I will gladly follow!

Much love to all,  Susan


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